Belly Ring: Add Bling to your Mid Section

Belly rings have become very popular among girls these days. They add a certain charm to the navel area that is both exciting and interesting. There can be no doubt that you can easily increase your glamour quotient with the help of a belly ring. If you are thinking of getting belly piercing but feeling nervous, the sight of happy and satisfied women having belly piercings should inspire you.

The actual process of piercing
If you are thinking the process of perching might be very painful, you should know that it is actually a very quick process that is over by the time you start to experience the pain. Experts say it is more mental than physical as steel syringe quickly pierces the belly button. Do not think about the pain as long as you know that you are in the safe hands of an expert who has the skills and the equipment to carry out piercing efficiently.

Shortly afterward
As is the case with any other body part piercing, there is a healing process after belly piercing where your skin tries to heal itself. Keep the area totally clean and also wash your hands every time you feel like touching the piercing. You may feel uncomfortable at times but there is no need to fiddle with the piercing too often. Use a liquid soap to wash the piercing twice daily. Also, avoid swimming while your piercing is healing.

You can experience slight irritation around the piercing as the wound takes almost 12 months to completely heal up. Resist the temptation of scratching and apply the medication suggested by the piercer to allow the piercing to heal up as quickly as possible.