Wonderful Copper Jewelry to Look Different

Copper is an element that is used to make electric wires as it is a very good conductor. It is also used to make medical instruments and currency coins. This element, which is reddish orange in color, is also found in human bodies and plants. Copper in pure form is combined with bronze and brass for making jewelry items. The copper jewelry looks enchanting and is loved by people fond of ethnic jewelry.

Cooper is heavily used by artists in making statues. If you do not know, the statue of liberty in the U.S is the biggest statue made from copper in the whole world. It is believed that Egyptians were the first to use copper for making utensils and jewelry items. They perfected the art of making alloys using copper. They created crowns for royalties using copper. Copper was considered very valuable in those times and possession of copper reflect high status of individuals.

Copper was used by Native Americans to craft beautiful jewelry items. They still consider copper a highly valuable substance. Jewelry made using copper is not only beautiful and enchanting but it also has health benefits for the users. It is believed that wearing copper jewelry is beneficial for the health of the individual as it chemically reacts with copper inside the body. The healing properties of copper jewelry whether used in the form of a necklace, bracelet, ring or earrings, enter the body of the user through the skin and into the bloodstream. Many patients with arthritis have found relief in their symptoms after wearing copper jewelry.

Copper jewelry is very easy to maintain. You can easily clean it by using a lemon. Rubbing lemon over copper jewelry makes it so clean that all dirt is gone and it starts to look like new again. You can also use a brush to apply warm water and soap for cleaning of your delicate copper jewelry.